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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 30, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> reporter: thousands of employees who work for santa clara county did not walk off their jobs. a strike has been averted. we'll tell you about the deal reached and what's next. good morning, 7:00. giving you a live look at mt. diablo. it's already 80 degrees. there. some areas will see scorching temperatures. >> let's get your day started with weather and traffic. it's going to be a hot one. triple digits. >> for some. a lot offing if fog on the coast. that's not going to play into their weather. but inland, yes. the 80 at mt. diablo.
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you are up 3,000 feet. 7500 in santa cruz mountains. the fog won't help them. a lot of high clouds on the way but the coast is dealing with a big fog bank and antonio currently 54 degrees with a southwest wind at 4 miles per hour and heavy drizzle in dc. that's daly city. can't warm up that much. over the golden gate. be careful of that. it's very shallow. a lot of clouds continue to work their way up to the big monse -- monse monster for many. inland temperatures will be very warm. look at blue canyon, 75 degrees. that's another sign of very warm air aloft. today 100 inland. 60s and 70s closer to the ocean and the coast. we'll have an update on our
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thursday pattern. here is alex. >> crank the ac and the other piece of advice get out the door now. a lot of other folks are doing it. it's getting very crowded. we first go to the south bay. there's the 280/880 interchange. you see some sluggish traffic there. in the south bay, no major crashes we're following in the area. that's the good news as you try to move in and around san jose. now we go to the toll plaza as the sun begins to rise or continues to rise this morning and so you have that sun just coming into our lens. but you can see down below there traffic at a standstill. a virtual standstill getting more and more crowded this morning. i want to get you now to the maps. here is an overall picture of the south bay. you can see a few trouble spots in the downtown area. no crashes that are blocking anything lanes that we've seen. your ride up the peninsula.
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the will look like that. it looks pretty good as you get from the south bay or from redwood city and try to make your way up into the city this morning. we also want to get out east quickly here and let you know that if you are coming in from antioch, that highway 4 in the normal spots will be pretty sluggish. also a crash on westbound 24 that we're reporting near the interchange near 680. not causing any major slowdowns. 7:03 is the time. brian and gasia, back to you. >> thank you. a last-minute deal overnight has averted a massive strike in santa clara county. janine de la vega, let's start off by talking about how county workers feel about the deal. >> reporter: gasia, union members and county representatives left here both relieved and happy. they both wanted to avoid a strike because they knew it would have an impact on the
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services that the public depends on. it came down to the wire. they were negotiating, the county and the union overnight, to try to reach an agreement by 3:00 a.m. and they succeeded. here they are leaving the local 521 headquarters. they were pleased with the deal reach. the union represents 9,000 county employees which includes 911 dispatchers, jail workers, the ut push lick health and hospital system and social services. members were fighting for belter health benefits and they wanted staffing shortages addressed. >> we reached a deal that was good for all of our members. you know, we have small pockets of workers in areas that may be they think their union doesn't represent them. we took into consideration every single member and every worker will be pleased. >> reporter: we also spoke with the county expectative who told us he was happy that an agreement was reached. the county had to cut back in
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2008 with the recession but as part of this deal and their commitment they do plan to rebuild the county's infrastructure. now that a strike has been averted, it will be business as usual. union members must take a vote on this agreement, that will take place next week. one of the things that we mentioned gasia to the county executive i asked, do you think this will boost the morale among county employees, he said i sure hope it does. >> thank you. a portion of westbound highway 12 in store has reopened hours after a car hit a pedestrian there. we shut down -- it was shut down after the crash. the victim was taken to the hospital, is expected to survive. the cause of the crash is being investigated. the palo alto city council has now pledged more than $14 million to save a mobile home park. the owner has approve to sell the land for development.
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the sale would displays more than 100 -- displays more than 100 low-income families. a team of investigators plan to meet at sfo to determine were a coast guard helicopter crash-landed. it happened yesterday at the north end of the airport. the officials say the helicopter was hovering about 10 feet above the ground when something went wrong and it landed on its side. two people on board, a pilot and flight mechanic walked away unharmed. >> even a training evolution has routine as this, you can experience an incident and you can't take anything for granted. >> now, that particular helicopter is normally used for rescue missions. it's not clear if it's a total
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loss. coast guard crews are on standby in case an emergency in the bay area. we're following developing news out of indonesia this morning, where a military plane crashed into a residential area. the educate toll has grown -- death toll has grown. more than 100 people died in the crash. plane had 113 people on board. military personnel and their families and it's not believed that any of them survived. it crashed shortly after taking off from an air base in the third largest city in indonesia. the pilot reportedly told the control tower he needed to turn back because of engine trouble. the berkeley balcony that collapsed had passed inspection according to documents. the los angeles times reports a private inspector gave the balcony support decks and rails a good rating. it's not clear how deeply the structure was analyzed.
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berkeley engineers blamed dry rot for weakening the blames. weaken -- weakening the beams. currently salaried supervisors or managers who make more than $23,000 a year can be denied overtime. the president wants to change that to $50,000 a year. critics say that will just encourage businesses to hire more part-time workers. the golden gate workers were playing in the finals and agents were cracking down on merchandize. agents with u.s. immigration, i.c.e. and homeland security seized more than 14,000 knockoff items. the phoneny nba -- phony merchandise has an estimated value of almost $500,000. it was seized from vendors and stores across the area during a month-long investigation. agents are still working the cases and hope to make arrests
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soon. 7:08. coming up, attacks on bottled water. the new idea being proposed that could cost you extra money but could help during the drought. martin luther king, former president clinton and now kim kardashian west, up next, an appearance that's creating a firestorm of controversy online. as we move into the heart of the commute, a lot of slow spots to tell you about. here is a live look at highway 24 in the walnut creek area. a lot of folks making that drive this morning. we'll tell you what it will look like if you make your way into san francisco. for some, it will be hot. but for others, not bad at all. there's too much fog near the coast. they will be in the 90s, 100s. we'll show you the breakdown coming up. ñw?
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time is 7:11. new this morning, the vat can
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released pope francis's itinerary for his visit to the u.s. in december. he's to arrive in washington, d.c. and he will meet with president obama and address the joint session of congress. then september 24th, the pope will go to new york city. that's where he will address the united nations, host a religious service at the september 11th, memorial, visit an elementary school in harlem and lead mass at madison square garden. et will wrap up the visit in philadelphia, he will visit a mall, correctional facility and conduct mass for the conclusion of the world et mooing of -- meeting of families. this is the deadline for greece to make a payment to the international monetary fund. now the european commission is indicating it could look at the whole overdebt situation with a possible last-minute deal to keep greece from default. turkey now says it's willing to
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expand cooperation in trade and tourism. other european countries are open to helping greece without offering specifics. financial analysts say even if greece is the first developed country not to repay the imf on time, there's still many ways this could turn out. >> there's gonna be a lot of drama this week but how it plays out we still have several days before it's over. >> greek banks remain closed. people are limited in taking out about $60 a i day from atms. the people of greece will vote. they want their government. waldo tunnel will soon bear a new name. state lawmakers gave final approval to renaming it the robin williams tunnel. wall toe tunnel is on highway 101 is marin county, where williams grew up and it connects marin to san francisco.
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he it will cost roughly $3,000 to change the signs on the tunnel. it could be completed as soon as this fall. well, kim kardashian west making a stop here. cara lui joins us live from san francisco where people, as you can imagine, are already talking about her visit. >> reporter: well, that is right. controversial for sure. now. kim kardashian is a pop culture sensation as well as a regular on the red carpet. she's been invited to speak at a commonwealth club event here in san francisco tonight. the commonwealth club is a prestigious public affairs forum that's hosted the likes of martin luther king, junior and bill clinton and bill gates. the club's website says kim kardashian west has taken everything, embraced it,
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monnytiseed and now we're gonna talk about it. she has millions of followers on twitter and instagram as well as a best-selling app, cam kardashian hollywood. we asked people in the city what they thought. >> i think that kim is probably the perfect person to speak about that. i think if you think about what she's done in the media and all of the media attention on her. she's definitely been objective-- object fid. >> reporter: a couple of people wrote, is this a joke? others commented on her beauty and asked her about charity work. one comment said i love you and your family. we've been checking online for tickets and they were still available at last check. for members and nonmembers in
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the $50 to $200 range, kardashian is slated to speak speak at 8:00 here at the castro theater in folks. should be interesting. >> should be interesting, thank you. let's get you to work now. alex savidge filling in for sal castanedo, doing a fine job. >> appreciate that. thank you. good morning to you. i want to let everybody know we're getting busier in most area around the bay area. we're take -- let's see. we'll go to la fayette here. here is highway 24. it's moving pretty slow there going westbound through la fayette and heading toward the caldecott tunnel. bay bridge toll plaza, that's where we want to go. we want to find out what it's gonna look look as you make your way to the city. that's all i can say hopefully you planned ahead. the the toll plaza packed.
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highway 101 packed -- it's not go with packed here. we'll say it's a bit slug inish along highway 101. that's traffic headingment near mckee road -- heading near mckee road. you will hit a slowdown in the petaluma area and out east a little bit, you can see there if you are coming over from antioch and pittsburg and baypoint, highway 4 is gonna be jammed up in the normal spots. that's where you will see a big- time slowdown. 7:17 is the time. and i toss it over to you, steve. with the warm forecast. >> for some. >> for some. a lot of fog on the coast. parts of the city. there's a decent delta breeze. port chicago, pittsburg showing gusts to 21. so with that in place, there
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will be hot temperatures but too much fog and there's warm air aloft. that will translate in the 90s, 100s. by the coast, it looks like 60s. a lot of clouds continue to stream up here. some of these are drifting over us. the high-pressure system is inching back to california. already mid-60s, upper 60s for some. areas out yonder will be 90s to 100s. over by the coast, there will be low 60s. the breeze seems to be tailing off. but still a westerly component. benicia bridge out to port chicago. the water temps came down. that's allowed the fog to fill in. even drizzle being reported in daly city. 57 up at truckee. 75 blue canyon. 60s, 70s, 58 south lake tahoe. there are a lot of 60s being reported around. blue canyon, that's the sign of the warm air aloft.
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sacramento valley will be very, very hot. you can see the cloud cover. some of that looks like more so than a few high clouds will play into our weather as we head toward thursday. there is a few today but still going with the temps. very close to scaling these down a little bit. 60s, 70s coast and bay and some 80s. clearlake at 106, though. 60s, 70s if you are near the water. temperatures shouldn't have any problem leech -- problem reaching the 100s. there's not much. 90s, 100s, scare valley. 60s on the coast. a huge difference between some of these temps and also 90s. a tricky, tricky forecast. i think it will be hot inland. i think today is the hottest day. maybe some high thundershower activity around here. a lot of clouds. big change here later in the week. >> and fire danger. >> oh, yeah.
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yeah. go ahead. that's it. cooler by the weekend. >> thank you. an unusual and creative way to answer mother nature's call. what one of the escaped prisoners is telling authorities about their two weeks on the run.
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we're hearing more about what happened after two convicted killers dairied out a
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could -- carriried out an es-- carried out a complicated escape from a prison. david sweat said the two planned to travel to mexico but headed toward canada after their planned getaway driver, a police inworker backed out. they spent two weeks roaming the area. matt got sick and was slowing sweat up so they split up. sweat managed to get within two miles of the canadian border before he was captured on sunday. he was shot by a state trooper and is hospitalized for his wounds. several passengers were hurt what ill evacuating a plane in canada. the jet was diverted to winnipeg. the 54 passengers and five crew members on board used the slides to get off the plane. six people were hurt doing so. the airline has not released details on the nature of the threat but it's the third one against a plane in canada in the last week. if firefighters in washington are battling a
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wildfire that's forced hundreds of people from their homes. the fire has destroyed 24 homes and two businesses in wenatchee. it's burned 3,000 acres since it started on sunday afternoon. so far, it's only about 10% contained. high temperatures and strong winds are making it a tough fire to fight. devastating. it's been burning like this for hours. >> i'm pregnant. i'm six months pregnant. i thought it was best to get out of there as fast as possible. >> a red cross shelter has been set up at a high school to help people who were forced to evacuate. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and a fire in oregon has destroyed the historic civic stadium in eugene. it started at about 5:30 last night, firefighters say flames rose to twice the height of the stadium. it took about two hours to get the fire under control. the stadium was built during the great depression. the cause of that fire also being investigated. number one verses number two in the women's world cup.
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the u.s. can advance to the title game with the win over top-ranked germany. the two teams haven't faced each other in a world cup since 2003. germany won that match. neither country has fallen farther than number 2. the u.s. allowed one goal so far in this world cup. germany has scored 20 most of the tournament. the winner of the game will meet either japan or england in the final. if you want to watch the u.s. match with other fans, there is viewing party in san francisco. we had one there earlier this month. today's event is posted by mike mibach and keba arnold. the san jose earthquakes are hosting a viewing party down at the stadium in san jose. our coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. of the match is testify is -- the match itself is at 4:00.
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chipotle is under fire this morning. and in 30 minutes, safe and sane fireworks will go on sale. but some stay they shouldn't during the drought conditions. i'm monitoring slow traffic. good news. no major crashes to report. this is what things look like here as you come in from antioch along highway 4. we'll tell you about your east bay commute coming up. if you don't like the heat go way. big difference in our tuesday day temps.
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the vet's #1 choice. good morning. 7:29. we're live in rohnert park. that's where safe and sane fireworks are on sale ahead of the fourth of july holiday. paul chambers will have more on the advice of firefighters you need to hear if you plan to visit one of those stands. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm brian flores in for dave who went golfing at merced. it will be a warm one. >> unless you are by the coast. inland, yes. out yonder, yes. we have fog on the coast. some in the city. hard pressed to warm up when that's in place. there's not an offshore breeze.
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there inland, it's like what fog? if a few high clouds and temperatures warming up quickly. upper 50s, 70s. plenty of low clouds will keep temperatures there. a lot of cloud cover continues to stream up here. i don't think it matters today but it might like wednesday into thursday. there are signs it will go mostly cloudy. i did see one 71-degree reading in brentwood. 17, 18-mile-an-hour breeze around port chicago. i expect that to fall apart. water temps came down which helps support the fog but the dome of high pressure is giving some very warm air aloft. 70s -- 70s and 80s. a few high clouds. maybe a little humidity in the mix. we'll go for 100s inland. but then 60s, 70s by the water. alex, you have been busy today. >> no. >> no major trouble spots.
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we don't need any traffics. that's what we have, slowdowns. it will be slow going as you try to make your way from the maze over to those pay gates an onto the span. pretty slow, too when you head west. now, we want to take you over the hill there and that's a live look. all of traffic move away from you. that's highway 24 heading westbound in the la fayette area and you can see -- that's good news. we'll take that. let me take you to the maps. to the south bay, it's gotten more busy. now we're in the thick of the commute you can see there is a crash there on highway 101 and things very slow on hump 101 as
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you try to make that drive and make your way up to the peninsula, you will hit a few pockets of slow traffic in the city. now is the time to get out the door for sure. back to brian and gasia. >> thank you. with independence day just days away, people are being washed to be extra careful with fireworks because the holt and dry conditions -- hot and dry conditions. paul chambers is live at a safe and sane fireworks. what are people saying? >> reporter: it's empty, as you can see. but it's also one of those things that -- it's a fund- raiser for some. some people use them for fund- raisers, some are worried about that. that's why firefighters gave an extra warning about safe and sane fireworks. >> conditions this year are extremely dry. and they just need to be used
7:33 am
in the street. buckets of water nearby. a hose, kids under adult supervision at all times. >> reporter: now, again, state approved fireworks will go on sale in rohnert park. crews must have a city issued permit from the fire department to sell the fireworks. people are allowed to buy them up until 9:00 saturday night. state approved fireworks are not supposed to fly or explode but with hot days head, everyone knows this could spark a huge fire. that's why fire officials are reminding everything anything that's capable of burning is considered hazardous. if you are buying, -- by buying these, be careful. do you think with the drought conditions should the state ban these or continue to sell them? hit me up at paul cham yers --
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no, it's paul chambers ktvu on facebook. >> thank you. the city of oakland has been ordered to reopen some seats that were closed following a raucous council meeting. there was a protest during this hearing on may 5th. the council decided to shut down the upper gal rit. that move severely restricted the number of seats for the public. the union that represents city employees filed the complaint. and yesterday, the judge ordered the city to reopen the upper gallery seats. b.a.r.t. police have adopted a new policy. it states that an officer should not ask questions or make statements about a transgender's identity or status. they thud shot be removing -- should not be removing wigs or
7:35 am
clothing. a spokesperson says this is the first step in reducing harassment against transgender people since they are disproportionate. officials in some states are refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of religious objections. in texas, for example, the attorney general warns any clerk, justice of the peace who declines to issue a license to a same-sex couple could face litigation or even a fine. however, he says lawyers are on standby to tee fend the workers for free -- defend the workers for free. some legal experts hope it won't be necessary. >> if there's -- if there's something next to them that can
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take care of them, that's what we should do. >> in kentucky, a few court clerks are refusing to issue marriage licenses to any couple as an objection to the supreme court ruling. the governor of that state said he's re-- reviewing how to respond. chipotle is under fire. take a look at this coupon on the top. below the question, which way do you sway pointing to two buttons. one read i eat tacos. the other reads i eat burritos. a spokesperson for the company said they've used this tagline for years,homo estes. merchants at the san francisco flower mart will be protected by a new agreement with real estate developers.
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it locks in affordable rent and allows the current vendors to decide if they want their new facility to be below or above ground. developers say they can start getting permits. they open to open a new facility in 2019. in 20 minutes from now, new jersey governor chris christy will announce he's running for president in 2016. he will make the announcement from his hometown, livingston, new jersey. he will be the 14th candidate to enter the primary. we'll have live coverage of his announcement when it happens. the state department is set to release the next batch of e- mails from hillary clinton. this comes months after she came under fire for using a private e-mail account instead of a government one. they expect to release all 55,000 pages of e-mails by next
7:38 am
january. a car bomb exploded behind a military hop hospital in gemmen -- military hospital in yemen today. the islamic group is claiming responsibility. the country is torn by fighting between rebels. a suicide bomber targeted a nato military convoy in afghanistan today. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack in kabul not far from the u.s. embassy. one pin was killed, more than 20 ears were hurt in the attack including women and children. two u.s. soldiers suffered minor injuries. witnesses say a powerful blast shook the city when a car rammed into a convoy and exploded. music lovers may consider this a treat. coming up in the 8:00 you. a boy scout camping tragedy.
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the unexpected force of nature that took a 13-year-old sacramento boy's life. a lot of slow spots around the bay area right now. we're monitoring traffic in the south bay for you where things are really slowing down on one particular freeway. we'll show that to you and also have your east bay commute -- coming up. well, by the coast and in the city, won't be that bad. 60s, 70s. too much fog but inland it will be hot. really hot. we'll show you how hot coming up.
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the -- the sacramento community is mourning the death of 13-year-old aldon was on a
7:42 am
hick when rush, water swept through their campsite. three were pulled out alive. brock was found six hours later about a mile downstream. >> i used to belong to the boy scouts. got a lot out of it. then you hear a tragedy like this. >> brock had just graduated from the 8th grade. her parents are on their way to new mexico. the three other scouts were not seriously hurt. we're told the troop will finish the wilderness hike in new mexico in his honor. three current and former uc berkeley students are suing the university of calf accusing it of mishandling their sexual assault complaints. in the suit filed yesterday, the three women claim school administrators failed to keep them informed in the disciplinary process and handed out inadequate punishments. they believe their claims are not vigorously investigated and the school is not doing enough. >> they need to institute
7:43 am
protection policies, education policies. >> berkeley tell you it's doing better now but it's not. >> a university spokesperson says campus officials have not seen the lawsuit and could not comment on its allegations. but that they are committed to fighting sexual assault on campus. the lawsuit does seek unspecified damages. attacks on water, the controversial idea is fueled by the drought but will it gain support? became cook is in the studio with what if will take to charge more for the water and where the money would go. supporters have been given the okay by the secretary of state to start gathering signatures to get the water tax initiative on the ballot. they need nearly 365,000 registered voters to sign to qualify for the november 2016 ballot. the author of the initiative calls it necessary for ground water preservation. it would add a 5 cent tax per ounce of bottled water containing any surface underground or municipal water
7:44 am
directed in california. it would also require each bottle sold in california to have a label that says it's not drought friendly. we heard from some people this morning about what they think about a tax on water. >> if the money will be used toward something positive to help, you know, in another drought going forward, then maybe that's not such a bad idea. >> putting a tax on water, sound like another way to take money from us. >> this calls for money to fund consphruction an maintenance -- construction and mainence projects -- maintenance projects. water from out of state is exempt to eb kurblg exexempt.
7:45 am
>> it's interesting. i'm hearing that bottles of water can be raised up to 80 -- 80 cents depend okay the tax. >> there's also the claim it's not that different from tap water. they admin erles for taste -- they admin add minerals for taste. apple's music launches. there's human experts to help you find music you like. it features a radio service and a place for musicians to connect deathly with fans. they open to offer a three- month free trial. a big debate brewing in one
7:46 am
new york city neighborhood about, get this, dog porta- potties. you heard me. they are placed on concrete giving dogs a more natural place to relieve themselves while residents believe they are a welcomed site and useful. others say they are barking up the wrong tree. i think they are ugly. >> as a dog ownerrer, it makes me feel accepted but i don't like it. as a dog owner, people must think it's disgusting. >> some owners say it's nice to have options for their dogs when nature calls. others, a tree bush or fire hydrant is what a dog typically uses any way. let's run offer to alex savidge in the ktvu traffic center. it's sort of heating up already. >> yes. it's heating up weather-wise as well. you may want to crack the windows or turn the ac on.
7:47 am
whatever your preference is. i'm more of an ac guy. my wife likes to crack the windows. slow going as you try to come in from antioch. let me take you now down scott south scott -- down to the south bay. highway 101 heading north. this is mckee road. we just got a report of a crash in the northbound direction on highway 101 at great america parkway waiting for more information there. let's go to the toll plaza, and this is what it looks like. you will have quite a bit of company right now as you try to make your way into the city, very crowded. a lot of folks trying to get up to the pay gates. let me somehow you the maps here. this is what things look like in the east bay. you can see the heavy traffic there. you can see fairly heavy along
7:48 am
interstate 880 coming from the hercules area down in through richmond along the eastshore freeway getting toward the maze. the time now is 7:47. and steve, i send it to you. not to extremely hot -- not extremely hot for everybody but warm for most. >> that's correct. i would say warm to hot. by the coast there's too much fog. 60s there, but there will be a big difference in some of these temps. maybe 40 degrees for some. you can see some of the low cloud deck. it's starting to burn back. but it's hugging the coast. that means temperatures will be hard pressed to warm up. it's filling in in the last few frames. there was some on the golden gate and the bay but that will lose out. a lot of high clouds. i don't think they matter but they will tomorrow. there's signs that we'll go mostly cloudy by wednesday afternoon and evening. today is the hottest day. thursday we could actually have a possibility of shower activity. i'm getting ahead of myself. but there's plenty rotating around the high. just a few high clouds. it's not going to malter
7:49 am
because there's already some upper 60s to 70 degrees. it looks to be very hot up toward clearlake. ukiah. west-southwest 10. about -- 16, 17 around port chicago although crockett, no breeze there. there is a slight component. water temps dipped a tiny bit. bodega bay was 56 yesterday. 52 today. monday ray, they are -- monterey they are 58 today. 57 up in truckee. 94 las vegas. 58 south lake tahoe. blue canyon, 75 warm degrees already. it's about 80 in mt. diablo. 75 in the santa cruz mountains. a lot of moisture here. it looks like it's tracking toward us. i think that will play into the weather but by wednesday afternoon and evening and we cloud it up. a lot of shower activity
7:50 am
heading to the sierra nevada the next few days, especially as we go into the holiday weekend. maybe for us late thursday/friday. i think by saturday the high moves off. that will open the door for a bigger sea breeze. after today, i think we start to see a lot of increase in the high cloud deck. fog near the coast. that's about it. it will be cool for some. it will be hot and humid. 90s to 100s. around the bay, 70s, 80s. but not too far away you can find toasty temps. temperatures in the east bay, going for the os. 100. it will be a scorcher. south bay, 90s to 100s. 100s for morgan hill and gilroy. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. hot inland but not as bad wednesday. then we cloud it up thursdayly friday. it looks cooler as we go into the holiday weekend. gasia, i'm gonna send it to
7:51 am
you. >> if you wish you had more time, today is your day. we all get an extra second to compensate for the earth's gradual slowing rotation. the normal day is 86,400 seconds. however at 5:00 you tonight, scientists will add one more second. that's so the clocks stay on time. they say the extra second could cause problems like the ones we worried about when the calendar flipped. most of the experts say nobody should notice changes. we asked you, what would you do with that extra second. jeff says i would blink. that would make it all in. [laughter] >> sue says, i would breathe. a one-second activity. paxton said i guess i'm working an extra second. too bad i don't get paid
7:52 am
overtime. louise said i will sleep in. and richard says i will take a shot of -- shot of whiskey. what do you think? share your ideas with us and we'll share them. >> i guess it's 5:00 somewhere. rolling out new fees. what carrier is now charging for checked bags and how much the increase will set you back. but first, not something you would expect to see in new york. the reason authorities think a baby seal ended up on shore.
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welcome back. 7:54. we are learning more about a body found along a hiking trail in fremont. authorities have identified the victim as 20-year-old fernando vazquez of stockton. his body was found in the coyote regional park. police are investigating whether he was killed somewhere else and dumped at the park. state lawmakers passed a controversial bill yesterday to require parents to vaccinate their kids before they can attend any school public or private. this comes after a widespread outbreak of measles last year. under the bill, parents who refuse vaccination can try to get a medical exemption or home school their kids. they can no longer receive a personal belief exemption. governor brown has 12 days to sign the bill into law. lifeguards in santa cruz county have posted warning signs after more great white
7:56 am
shark sightings. the 4-hour warnings sent up -- the 24-hour warnings went up yesterday. sharks seen yesterday were in the same place, that's where 15 sharks were spotted last week. a baby seal causing quite a commotion in queens, new york. it was spotted yesterday by people onshore. they believe it may have become stranded as the tide went back out. the seal made its way back to the water and was reunited with its mother. 7:56. in our 8:00 hour, gasia, you see them along the side lines, during nfl games but just ahead, major move professional move cheerleaders are making to make sure they get compensated for their event. and you are right into the city this morning, it will be a slow one. here is a look at the bay
7:57 am
bridge toll plaza. we're also tell but a couple of other crashes that we're keeping an eye on in the traffic center. a lot of fog on or near the coast. not much warmer there. but inland it will be hot for some. we'll talk about that and how long it will last.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> reporter: a maker strike has been averted in the south bay. we'll tell you what county workers were fighting for and what changed overnight. and facebook expanding its offices. where the social media giant is setting up its new headquarters.
8:00 am
good morning. welcome to this 8:00 hour of "mornings on 2." we're giving you a live look at the big board. you can see wall street is certainly rebounding after dropping more than 2% yesterday. you see here the doebs up by 56 points. all of 2015's gains are done because of the financial crisis in greece as well as talks that puerto rico can't pay back its debt. we'll take another look at the dow later on and the money news. it's 8:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. it's june 24th -- it's not the 24th. >> no, 30th. >> somebody left that in good morning. >> good morning i'm brian flores in for dave clark who has the day off. let's get a check on your weather. >> full moon tomorrow. we have one on the 1st and one on the 31st. it will be the summer moon. today will feel summer like for
8:01 am
some and cold and foggy for others. there is a lot of fog on the coast. i can't find too many breaks. yet, inland, it's not going to matter. it's too shallow. high pressure is parking itself on it. there's very warm air aloft. i think they play into the weather tomorrow. a lot of this moisture is going to come streaming up here tomorrow. that will put a cap on temps. it won't help today. already 70 in livermore. i did see a 71 in brentwood. 60s for some. yet, 50s for others. there is a slight component of a westerly breeze or a northwest. but it's not strong enough to help anybody away from the coast. i think we cloud it up and we'll go cloudy. possibility of shower activity. don't want to get too far ahead of myself. inland it will be a scorcher. 100, 90s for some. 06 os -- 60s, 70s closer to the coast. what the heck is going on? nobody is on holiday?
8:02 am
no. for today it looks like we have a lot of folks heading off to their places of employment. you will have a lot of company as you head out the door right now. let me show you a look. we'll show -- this is la fayette, him -- highway 24. you can see the traffic on the left side of your describe. that's westbound 24. it's moving slowly but it's moving this morning. that's good. once you get through the caldecott tunnel if you are trying to make your way into san francisco you will head through the maze. that's gonna be sticky and then you get here to the toll plaza and it's gonna take you a while to get up there to the pay gates or a cash payer, it does not matter. everybody is in the same per proverbial boat. i want to show you an issue that's been taken care of by the california highway. they cleared a crash at northbound 880 and industry parkway. the accident out of the lanes
8:03 am
in the area. but be aware you could encounter slow traffic as you head northbound there through the east bay and then we'll move you downsouth. a lot of slow spots. there is a crash 101 northbound right at great america parkway. so for all of those folks trying to come up from san jose and head up the peninsula maybe into the city. bear that in mind. a crash that the chp is still working on. here at 8:03, it's all yours. a lot of relief in the south bay. now that an 11th-hour deal has prevented a massive walk out in santa clara county. janine de la vega is live with the next step that has to happen before the agreement is reached. >> reporter: gasia, county representatives and union members say they are excited and happy that a tentative agreement has been reached. members still have to vote on it but a union chair said she's confident that it will be
8:04 am
approved. this all took place earlier this morning. they left the headquarters just after 4:00 a.m. this union represents 9,000 county employees that includes 911 dispatchers, jail workers, social services. the yoon yun had not held -- union had not held a strike in many years but were set to strike. a tentative agreement was reached. members were fighting for better health coverage, wages and wanted staffing shortage addressed. both sides are relieved the strike was averted because they knew the public would suffer. >> it would have been major. we stuck it pout and worked it out -- we stuck it out and worked it out. >> i have a lot of confidence in people that i work with and the union and the negotiators so i never really believed we were gonna end up in a strike.
8:05 am
but it's a close call. >> reporter: the county did have a contingency plan in place if a strike had occurred even filing a court junction to or the to work. but that's all been avoided now that a four-year deal has been reached. we didn't get too many details on what was hashed out. we're told that the union was pleased with the healthcare package and the county executive did tell us that they are gonna be working toward restoring services. cutback is 2008 during the recession. gasia? >> thank you. 8:05. in new this morning we're learning some bay area students, projects by the students were destroyed when the unmanned rocket broke apart shortly arlift-off at cape canaveral. in all two dozen experiments were lost including at two
8:06 am
schools in l.a. county. a portion of westbound highway 12 in santa rosa has reopened hours after a car hit a pedestrian. it was shut down last night after the crash. the victim was taken to the hospital. as fireworks stands open around the bay area, buyers are warned to be especially careful because of the drought and hot and dry conditions. in many cities, many fireworks stands are open for business. and with hot days ahead, anything that burns can be a hazard. we'll check in with paul chambers coming up. a team of investigators from around the country plans to meet at sfo to determine why a coast guard helicopter crash- landed. it happened at the u.s. coast guard air station at the north end of the airport. officials say the helicopter was hovering about 10 feet off
8:07 am
the ground when something went wrong and it landed on the side. you see it in the center of the screen. the two people on board, a pilot and flight mechanic walked away unen a -- unharmed. >> even a training evolution as routine as this, you can experience an incident and you can't take anything for granted. >> the helicopter is normally used for rescue missions. it's not clear if it's a total loss. coast guard crews are on standby in case of an emergency in the bay area. the apartment balcony that collapsed two weeks ago passed inspection. that's according to documents released by the city. six people died. seven people were injured when the balcony pulled away from the building. there are reports that a private inspector gave it a good rating. last week, city engineers blamed dry rot for the weakening of the beams. president obama is proposes
8:08 am
new rules on which workers can qualify for overtime pay. currently salaried supervisors or managers who make more than $23,000 can be denied overtime. the president wants to change that to $50,000. california employers will be required to give workers three days of paid sick leave per year. they can start to take the paid sick leave after the 0 days of em-- after 90 days of employment. last week more than 86,000 marijuana plants were seized in the emerald triangle. the joint committee on fisheries and aqua culture said the marijuana crops are
8:09 am
damaging fisheries. tomorrow, a committee will look at the effect the farms are having on the drought. and a bill heading to governor brown's desk could require sports teams to consider cheerleaders at employees. it would require chear leaders be paid minimum page -- cheerleaders be paid minimum wage. the bill says they have to be paid for overtime and sick time. it comes in response lawsuits filed by the oakland raiderettes and buffalo bill cheerleaders shamazan is helping users find out what song is playing on the radio but now you can find out who is
8:10 am
shazaming. and apple music launches. this is different from spotify and pan der row because there's human experts to help you find what -- pandora because there's human experts to help you find out what you want. they hope to offer a three- month free trial. if you changed your facebook profile picture to the rainbow effect, you are not alone. shortly after the ruling came down, the feature was added by facebook. 120 million africans have used facebook. that's a 20 million user jump. with seeing this type of group, facebook decided to set up shop in johanns hans necessary burg
8:11 am
-- johannesburg, africa. they hope to get more countries in africa as well. a tax on bottled water? the new idea being proposed that could cost you extra money but could help california during the drought. the commonwealth club getting ready to host a controversial speaker here in san francisco here tonight. it's a slow ride for a lot of folks moving around the bay area trying to get to where they need to go. this is what it looks like for people trying to cross the richmond/san rafael bridge. and we'll tell you about an isswith another bridge that could cause slowdowns, -- coming up. hot temperatures inland. not for everybody. but not only hot but maybe a huge change by friday. more on that -- coming up.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
kim kardashian west will be interviewed tonight. scare raw lieu is live outside -- cara lui is live outside of the castro theater with more on what the organizes are gonna talk to kim about. >> reporter: it's a controversial invitation. we heard and read a lot of opinions and comments about
8:15 am
this it morning. now, kardashian, a regular on the red carpet, a pop culture sensation, many would say she's famous for being famous. she'sen been invited to -- she's been invited to speak here tonight. this is a prestigious public affairs forum. the club's website said she's taken everything that's modern day society from selfies to sell promotion to sexuality, embraced it, monnytiseed it and now we'll talk about it. she has millions of followers and a best-selling app, kim kardashian hollywood. we asked people here in the city what they thought. >> it doesn't make a lot of sense to me because i don't think she's got -- got as much talent as i do in my little finger. but as we discussed, she came
8:16 am
from money. she used what she had to get where she is and you can kind of have to respect that. >> i think that kim is probably the perfect person to speak about that. i think if you think about what she's done in the media and all of the media attention on her she's -- it will be interesting. >> reporter: tonight's event is a featured program of the club's informed division. some question the relevance. a couple of people wrote, is this a joke? others commented on her beauty and asked about her charity work. one comment said i love you and your family. now, tickets are still available online for both members and nonmembers. they are in the $5 to -- they are in the $50 to $200 range. gasia? >> there was controversial when
8:17 am
she appeared on the npr. but npr said she's a huge media figure. shooess -- she's very relevant and that's why we did it. another person throwing his hat in the ring for the presidential candidate. chris christie. >> there wasn't any choice, i had to come home and livingston is home to he me. [ cheers and applause ] >> and i want to thank sheila, a friend of my mom's and i want to thank my friend lynn -- listen, some of you may be confused. it may be that you thought she was being booed by her classmates.
8:18 am
she was not. for reasons that i will not explain lynn's nickname in high school was the juice. [booing] >> hence, it's not a boo. it's the juice. [laughter] >> thank you for bying -- for being here. i'm also here because this is where my family raised me. you will hear a lot and have heard a lot about my mother and father. all of us know for good and for bad where we come from is from our parents and so you heard sheila and lynn both talk about my mom today. i'm here in livingston because all of those years ago, my mother and father became the first of either of their families to leave the city in newark and come here and make this home for us. my mom isn't with us today but i feel her and my dad is with me here today and i am really, rfl -- i'm really, little priv
8:19 am
licked to have him -- privileged to have him. >> chris christie is joining an already crowded group. he joins 13 republican candidates in the race for the 201316 white house. she's considered and underdog. polls put him behind jeb bush with scott walker, marco rubio. we just heard him talk about coming hole. he referenced the -- coming home. he referenced the fact that one of his friends was getting the same call that she got in high school. he ahere is to be off the cuff, no teleprompter. and this is his style. he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. he speaks off the cuff. he's not afraid to tell it like he sees it. i'm sure we'll hear much more from him that he's running for
8:20 am
president. >> and he's a big bruce springsteen fan. you will be hearing more about him and the other candidates as well. 8:19. also outspoken, our alex savidge. we've combined -- >> not afraid to speak my mind, especially on traffic. >> you weren't here but we somehow combined alex -- salex. >> salex. that's the consensus on twitter. you can hit me up and let me know if you like it. i have an issue to let folks know about if you are one of the many people commuting. there is an issue on the new eastern span. can we still call it new. the eastern span heading westbound just beyond the toll plaza on the incline. that's where a motorcycle went down a short time ago. luckily no injuries thankfully, we can report that. but causing major backups near
8:21 am
the toll plaza and for all of these folks, you see it will make things even worse trying to get into san francisco. let me show you quickly, this is highway 4 in the baypoint area and all of the folks coming over from antioch and pittsburg. it's looking like a pretty good ride. now seems like a good time to make the drive over toward walnut creek and concord. here's what the maps look like down in san jose and you see a lot of slow spots. there are several crashes along highway 101. one at great america parkway that they are dealing with. as you make that ride up the peninsula up into san francisco, you can see quite a few areas pockets of slowing as you make that drive to san francisco. and that's what things look like here. 8:21. steve, it's getting warm out there. >> it's getting warm inland. >> that's for sure. >> the fog is on the coast. there's too much there for those areas to warm up. we don't have an offshore breeze.
8:22 am
there is a component of a westerly breeze. you can see some of the fog. it's very shallow. it's making an impact by the water's edge. that will keep temperatures in the 60s. other locations will be in the 90s and 100s. before i get going here, i -- i think it was a facebook message and an e-mail. people have a weather app. if they have the weather channel it goes out ten days. on july 3rd, their app said there was a 40% chance of rain. the next day it went down to 10%. they asked me about this. well, guess what. on friday, it does look like a lot of cloud and maybe some rain, which is pretty amazing on a ten day going out to july. there are signs of it. i've seen ten days in december and january showing rain and nothing happens. there is a lot of cloud cover. screaming around the height right there, around arizona and northern baja. it looks like a lot of this is start poised -- a lot of this is poised to move in tomorrow. a low off the coast will help.
8:23 am
today it's about the inland tempts. temperatures are already the degrees warmer than 24 hours ago in livermore, 10 degrees warmer in fairfield. some areas are far enough inland where you don't get any fog at all. travis is collapsing. everything is on tap for a very hot day. a westerly component at sfo. water temps went down, a little bit in the last 24 hours. again the high will win out today for inland temps. i just think there's so much moisture and one of the updated forecast models came in and clouds us up and puts rain on us r we'll see a couple of days away. i tend to believe it. it's been a crazy june and july. a lot of high clouds an moisture will continue to stream in toward friday and saturday. i think by sunday, the high
8:24 am
moves to the east. that will take the moisture with it. the fog will win out. the next couple of days after todayth, think a lot of cluk will move in. cool, warm, hot. if you are inland, it will be cooking. there will be a tremendous difference in the temps. hottest locations far enough away. toward antioch, brentwood, oakley. east bay looks very, very toasty. santa clara valley as well. on the coast, there is a lot -- there's sun on parts of the santa cruz coast. 60s, 70s, 80s. but 90s on the peninsula. we'll start to see higher cloud. i think today is the hottest days. clouds, possibility of rain friday morning. >> is there still fog along the coast? >> not all but most of it. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> any time. fighting the drought, mum in 20 minuteses, the new proposal being considered and what it could mean -- coming up
8:25 am
in 20 minutes, the new preppal being considered and what it could mean about paying for bottled water. ♪ ♪
8:26 am
♪ ♪
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. we are making a live look at the big board checking wall street. the dow is up 72 points, almost half a percent. rebounding in trading despite the deadline for greece to make
8:28 am
a $1.8 billion payment fought international monetary fund -- to the international monetary fund. they could look at greece's overall situation and turkey which has been a long time enemy of greece says it's willing to expend cooperation in trade and tourism. other countries are open to helping greece but not offering any specifics. americans are feeling better about the overall economy. the june confidence report rose sharply from last month. according to the conference board, consumers say they are more optimistic about the near term future even though they say they don't think their own income will go up. home prices rose during april. prices were up in all 20 markets it tracks. the national average increase was 1.1%. here in the bay area, prices up 2%. local prices are up 10% over the past year. starting today, jetblue
8:29 am
will begin charges some passengers for all checked lug gablgs. passengers traveling on the low cost tickets will pay $25 to check their first bag at the airline counter. the cost is $5 cheaper if passengers pay online or at the kiosk. they will -- this leads southwest as the only major carrier that still lets passengers check bags for free. a dramatic scene unfolds on a passenger train in japan. what witnesses said they saw moments before a man set himself on fire killing two people on board. >> reporter: you can legally buy safe and sane fireworks here in rohnert park. some say it's a good thing. others say it's not because we're in a drought. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can barely see it. we'll tell you about another
8:30 am
issue that we've been monitoring that could impact traffic -- coming up. can't get too warm. there is fog and a west wind. inland it's warming up fast. there will be a big difference on the coast and inland temps. we'll show you those -- coming up.
8:31 am
8:32 am
this is a live look at the dow jones. in the past two minutes we've watched the number plunge. two minutes ago it was up by 74 points. it's down by 40 points from where it was right as we were taking that last commercial break. this is coming on the heels of the fact that greece is expected to miss a $1.8 million
8:33 am
payment to the international monetary fund. the payment is not expected to happen. the deadline is today. there is a lot of jitters throughout europe and the united states. we're feeling that as we watch the doebs dropping 40 points in the past few minutes. welcome back. i'm brian flores. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. let's get you out the door and check in with steve. we don't need a jacket or long sleeves. >> and ac, run through the sprinklers. whatever it takes. by the coast, there is there a lot of of -- there is a lot of fog. farther inland, it won't take much. a few high clouds but i think they are on the increase. it there's already 70s away from the coast. tom smith, tom smith, blossom hill, san jose area, it's already 68 and rising fast. cheers. thank you, tom, it's rising fast for many. but there's too much fog even
8:34 am
though it's down on the deck. a lot of cloud cover not making an impact. look what's coming around the bend. already 70s for some. 74 for brentwood. 70 livermore, 70 fair field. they are running well above where they were 24 hours ago. 7, the, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. not so bad for others. it looks like the east bay is getting a pretty -- i think a lot of cloud cover play into our weather tomorrow and maybe, maybe that will produce some rain friday morning. we'll see. fog near the coast. 100s inland. 60s, 70s, by the coast. all right. the fog is on the golden gate. been there for a while. >> i've been monitoring it. it's been sitting there. thank goodness for the fog on a day like today, all right. let me let you know about an issue that we had to deal with on the bay bridge and for all of the folks traying to to make
8:35 am
their way into san francisco. here is a live look at the toll plaza, very crowded for this time of the morning there and what we had earlier was an issue west of the toll plaza on the incline. the eastern span. the chp was earlier dealing with a motorcyclist who had gone down. was blocking several lanes of traffic. still, as i understand, they are handling that situation and obviously as you can imagine, that sort of threw a wrench for people trying to get into the city this morning. here is a live look. that's interstate 88 right there in oakland and traffic moving slowly past the oakland col row see yum and -- coliseum and home of your champion warriors. to the maps we go. this is the south bay and boy oakes boy -- boy, oh, boy, there are crashes. a lot of slow traffic for folks trying to to make their way
8:36 am
around the south bay. it's not that easy. trying to make the ride from the south bay up to the peninsula into san francisco, many, many spots of slow traffic as you do try to traverse the highway 101 there to get into the city. 8:35. that's your time. brian and gas seia, i send it to you -- gasia, i send it to you. vandals defaced a mural celebrating lgbt culture in san francisco. volunteers put this on facebook. they say someone apparently set the mural on fire sometime late last night. the post also reads everyone is safe and keep us in your thoughts. the mural was put up early in june. it's been defaced twice since then. surveillance cameras have been installed. police are investigating the case. with the 4th of july days away. people are being washed to be very, very careful with fireworks this year because of
8:37 am
the extremely hot and dry conditions. paul chambers has more where a safe and sane box is behind you. >> reporter: they are still unpacking a lot of boxes. with the fireworks and the fourth of july a few days away, you would dmecket expect it to be packed. >> do it every year. a great fund-raiser. >> reporter: state approved fireworks are for sale in parts of the bay area. this one here in rohnert park. before they can sell them, they must have a city-issued permit to sell the fireworks. people are allowed to buy them up until 9:00 saturday night. the state approved fireworks are not supposed to explode or fly but with very hot days ahead and extremely dry
8:38 am
conditions. everyone knows the smallest spark could saturday a huge fire. that's why firefighters are reminding everyone to be responsibility. >> conditions this year are extremely dry and they just need to be used in the street. buckets of water nearby. a hose. kids under adult supervision at all times. >> reporter: now, i asked some people on my twitter about what do they think. do they think they should be able to sell them at this time of year? pat miller said while the nonprofits need the money. the dry grass is too large a threat this year. other people say no, that's they are called safe and sane. they like document responsible. they hand out this pamphlet threat telling people to hand out the fireworks. they've been opened since 8:00 -- well, they've been here since 8:00. they will open at 9:00.
8:39 am
they are reminding people -- to be extra careful. >> if it's legal to buy them in rohnert park, that doesn't mean you can buy them and brick them to oakland where they are not -- and bring them to oakland where they are not allowed. >> reporter: exactly. if your city has an ordinance where you cannot use them, it doesn't matter where you buy them. you have to use them where you buy them. you cannot brick them into another-- bring them into another city. we're learning more about a body that was found along a hiking trail in fremont. authorities have identified the victim as 20-year-old fernando vazquez of stockton. his body was found in the coyote hills regional park around 6:30 sunday morning. police are investigating whether he was killed elsewhere and dumped at the park. no arrests have been made. marin county's waldo tunnel is soon going to have a new name. state lawmakers gave final to
8:40 am
rename it the robin williams tunnel. it's in marin county. that's where williams grew up. it connects marin to san francisco, where williams started his acting career. it will cost around $3,000 to change the tynes signs on the ton -- to change the signs on the tunnel. the price of a muni pass is going up tomorrow. it's just the monthly pass that will still cost $2.25 for adults. but adult monthly passes are increasing 2 -- are increasing $2. that includes access to b.a.r.t., that pass is going up from $80 to $le 3 $-- to 83. the vatican released pope francis's itinerary for his visit. he will arrive in washington, d.c. after visiting cuba on tease 22nd. he will meet with president obama and address a joint session of congress. then on september 24th, the pope will go to new york city,
8:41 am
where he will address the united nations, host a religious service at the september 11th memorial and museum, visit an elementary school in harlem and lead a mass at madison square garden. he will wrap up the u.s. visit in philadelphia where he will visit independence mall. the president of tunisia says there will now be armed police on the country's beaches after 38 tourists were killed in an attack last friday. the president said heightened security plans were planned but they had not participated. the attack was a blow to the tourism industry. a young engineer student pulled out an assault rifle and killed a tourist. in france, the man accused of bea heading his employer at a warehouse and displaying
8:42 am
islamic flags reportedly took photos of the scene and sent them to syria. the prosecutor says the friend in sayia has contacted the -- in syria has contracted the graup to share the photos. in france, striking french ferry workers blocked the railroad tracks. the euro star train service across the endplish channel was suspend -- english channel was suspended. authorities in january with investigating after a man set himself on fire on a passenger train that killed two people. it happened this morning at the train was traveling from tokyo. officials say the man poured oil over his head and then lit himself on fire. the train stopped after a passenger found one of the victims collapsed and pressed the emergency button.
8:43 am
>> the other victim was found between the first and second cars. several other passengers suffer the smoke inhalation. california is not the only state dealing with wildfires. there's one burning in washington state. and an extra tax on bottled water. the group behind the initiative and what it would take to become reality. good morning. we're still busy here in the traffic center. a lot of slow traffic in many spots still. we'll tell you what the east bay commute looks like. here is a live look at the eastshore freeway. we'll tell you how the ride is getting into san francisco -- coming up. fog okay the coast will keep temperatures there. inland, 90s and 100s. it looks like a big change by thursday and friday. we'll explain.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back, everybody. 8:46. we could soon pay more for bottled water. pam cook in the studio now with the reason behind the tax and a label plan for bottled water but only here in california. >> it's interesting. author of the tax nixtive calls is necessary for our ground water preservation. it would add a 5 cent tax containing any surface
8:47 am
underground or municipal water collected in california. supporters have been given the okay by the secretary of state to start collecting signatures. they need nearly 365,000 registered voters to sign to qualify for the november 2016 ballot. it would also require each bottle sold in california to have a label that says it is not drought friendly. now, we heard from some people this morning about what they think about a tax on water. >> i don't think getting is on the ballot will improve the situation. i think we need to have more storage of water. >> if money a gonna be used toward something positive to help us in another drought going forward, then maybe that's not such a bad idea. >> he wex the money collected would fund construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as dams, levees and water treatment families. water from out of state would be exempt from the tax and label. the author says that's to
8:48 am
encourage californians to purchase bottled water that comes from other states' water supplies. >> well, bottled water, a lot of environmentalists say -- the plastic issue, the landfill issue, just turn on the tap. this bottle is like as old as my son. it works great. [laughter] >> i live in marin county and you feel like you have to apologize to people if you don't have your renal container. >> we'll con-- have your reasonable water container. this name salex, it's taken off. let's go to salex for traffic. >> apparently the name is -- has stuck. >> there it is. >> it's stuck at the bottom of the describe. that means it's officially, i
8:49 am
guess. salex savidge. kind of a tongue twister. but i'll take it. >> alex? >> yes? >> i want credit for starting that. i am the one who called you salex today, lack of coffee. >> you will get full credit. [laughter] >> all of the credit. here's what things look like in the east bay. that's the -- that traffic going east to west heading toward the maze ans and on the toll plaza. there was a crash involving a motorcyclist. that seems to have bogged things down a little bit this morning. let me take you out here over the hill and that is what -- that's what things look like as you make the ride rest on highway 24 toward la fair yet. still very slow in the area as well. down in the south bay, here's the interchange with 280 and
8:50 am
880, that's all backed up as well. things still very slow down in the south bay. we go to the maps. as i pointed out here, the east bay all of these freeways, look at all of these freeways heading toward the maze. 880 northbound through downtown oakland. also very slow. and interstate 880 as you just saw the eastshore freeway coming through richmond and berkeley also backed up. steve? su sal -- thank you, salex. >> do i have to go to the dmv and change this? >> i would. they whether will contact -- they will contact you probably. [laughter] mid-70s for some. won't have any problem reaches 90s. 100s. today, looks to be the hottest day for me. i think too many high clouds will start to work.
8:51 am
it won't help today. there's plenty taking the turn around barstow. it's what's coming up from southern arizona and northern baja and mexico and there are signs that a lot of this is on the way. 60s, 70s almost near 8 0 for some. it's not 64 in the city. i think it's 56. 50s for some. water temps came down a little bit. they were very warm. they came down 1 to 3 degrees. 63 in truckee. 80s in some of the higher elevations here. that warm air is going to translate into some smokin' hot conditions. 63 in truckee. 64 south lake tahoe. 77 blue canyon. that's really, really warm. i think i saw 81 at mt. diablo. there is a lot of warm air and a lot of cloud cover on the way. fog near the coast, that keeps cool to mild conditions. there's breaks in the clouds especially around santa cruz. 60s, 70s and then 80s, 90s to
8:52 am
the 100s. take your pick. all in the mix there. morgan hill, gilroy, 90s for many. a fuel high clouds but it won't help there. but 60s on the coast. 70s. and then 90s for some. huge spread on some of these temps. nice to warm to hot and then hot inland. i think we cloud it up. i would not be surprised if some rain makes it here friday morning. it will be close and it looks cool canner for the fourth of july weekend. >> you called it fresno hot? >> modesto hot. [laughter] firefighters in washington state are battling a wildfire that's forced hundreds of people from their homes. the fire has destroyed 24 homes. at least two businesses in wenatchee. so far it's burned 3,000 acres since it started on sunday. so far it's only about 10% contained. high temperatures and strong winds are making it a very tough fire to fight.
8:53 am
the cause of it still under investigation. one man makes a very lucky mistake. up next, how a connecticut man accidentally won thousands of dollars.
8:54 am
♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young.
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welcome back. a connecticut man walks into a store, accidentry buys the wrong -- accidentally buys the wrong ticket and wins 30 grand. he meant to buy two 20-dollar lottery tickets but since he wasn't wearing his glasses, he bought 30-dollar tickets. he was the winner. he was in the customer service line when he decided to play the game. this is the costumes and the name tags of the stars for the new ghost busters. these costumes look like the one from the 1980s.
8:56 am
the new movie is announced back in -- movie is expected to debut next year. the women's soccer team could advance to the finals today. usa! u.s. is doing great so far allowing just one goal in the world cup. but germany has scored 20 goals. that's the most in the tournament. today's winner will meet japan or engrand for sunday -- england for sunday. you can see the match. our coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. the match is scheduled for 4:00. if you want to watch with our fans, there is a viewing party at the civic center plaza in san francisco. it will be hosted by mike mibach and keba arnold. let's get you out the door by turning to sale x castana- idge. >> i like it. >> it's still busy out there.
8:57 am
check out the bay bridge toll plaza right there. still very crowded here. we're getting close to 9:00 in the morning. i think that's because of an earlier crash that we had. a motorcyclishist who crashed on the eastbound span of the bridge. there you go. it's bogged down along 880 up towards downtown oakland past the coliseum. i think we'll give you one more shot. >> that's south bay. >> that's interstate -- yep. a lot of folks still making that ride at had hour. busy still. >> it. let's get to the man you can blame or thank, marlin dunbar. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have such creative viewers. >> hot today inland. and i think we cloud it up on thursday, friday. maybe rain friday morning. >> karen writes in, why is
8:58 am
gavin newsom doing the traffic? [laughter] >> i've gotten gavin before. a time or two. yeah. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for all of the tweets. >> have a great day. ed crystal geyser alpine spring water. made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source.
8:59 am
♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda.
9:00 am
crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. a drone carried away by a dust storm gets video of its frantic owner running after it. >> he's like no! >> meet the guy who came up 150 feet short after one world class sprint. >> i'm sure people inside their homes looking out the window thinking what is this guy doing? . >> no room in the back of your truck? the hood surfer with some kind of skill. >> i've never seen this dude has a plan to pull his wrap from a vortex. >> what could go wrong? why we should be asking why an


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